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Counselling - Therapy

As a community centred practice, I offer the majority of my appointments on a significantly reduced sliding scale.

 I'm unable to accept new clients at this time.


One of the first questions people generally ask of therapists is,

"What do you specialise in?"


The response that follows typically  consists of a list of conditions like: anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction etc.

I don't specialise in treating 'disorders',

I specialise in relationships with people.

In particular:  Artists, Queer & gender diverse people, &  folks on low incomes. Beyond this, they range in age from 19 to 77, and include high functioning over analysers, perfectionists, melancholy existentialists, magic realists, dreamers, doubters, radicals, mourners, self medicators, the lost, the troubled, the tormented, the unhappy, the heartbroken, the hopeful, the overwhelmed and the disenchanted.

In all the research comparing which kinds of counselling work best, one finding is universally reported- A good relationship between the two people working together is therapeutically valuable in its own right, regardless of the modality in use.

I think it's essential. If we don't connect, training, technique and experinece wont amount to much.  I recommend a brief introduction over coffee, or the telephone phone, with no obligation on either of us to proceed. I'll let you know who you're dealing with and how I approach my work, and you can let me know if that sounds right for you.

Take a step in a new direction.

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