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Tea and Talk

In an effort to continue challenging what support is supposed to look like,

I bring you Tea & Talk.  The serving and sharing of tea, shows up across cultures through out time as a comforting go to in hard times.

  • If you're not sure if counselling is for you, maybe it's time for tea.

  • If you're concerned you've worn out  friends with your woes, it might be time for tea.

  • If you're looking for a listening ear, that's high on confidentiality and anonymity,  & low on therapy speak, it's time for tea

  • If you just need to talk to someone,  it's tea time.

Book in for a conversation where you can share in an informal setting. People respond to different aspects of the therapeutic relationship. If feeling heard without judgement, telling your story or feeling validated work best for you, this might be just what you're after.  

Cost effective, social, casual, supportive.

Tea & Talk - 

Cuppa and a Chat  

 Not currently available

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